This version is in early development and is subject to change and therefore not ready for wide use. There may be other stable versions available.

ELIXIR Banner container

This should be placed in the footer of sites that are part of the ELIXIR network.

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This is an early version that is largely a port of the VF 1.3 ELIXIR Banner with some notable changes:

  • The data option prefixes have changed to match VF 2 practice data-name is now data-vf-banner-elixir-name, and similarly for the other options.
  • The multiple background colour options (green, orange, blue) have been dropped as they were poorly used and often presented colour-contrast accessibility issues.


  • data-vf-js-banner-elixir-logo="" (optional)
  • data-vf-js-banner-elixir-name="Your Service Name" (optional)
    • " is part of the ELIXIR infrastructure" will be appended
  • data-vf-js-banner-elixir-description="text here" (optional)
    • set the text in the small line of text to explain your relationship with ELIXIR
  • data-vf-js-banner-elixir-link="https://url" (optional)
    • by default the banner will point to a page at If you would prefer to link to a custom page explaining your relationship with ELIXIR, add the full URL here

The development and future direction of this component can be discussed in issue #1572. While breaking changes are anticipated they are currently not expected.

This component leverages the Sass/CSS of vf-banner, so it should also be installed.


This component targets WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility.

You can also read about the Visual Framework's approach to accessibility.



Service Name

A short description about this service's role and function


Nunjucks syntax

Depending on your environment you'll want to use render or include. As a rule of thumb: server-side use include, precompiled browser use render. If you're using vf-eleventy you should use include.

Using include

You'll need to pass a context object from your code or Yaml file (example), as well as the path to the Nunjucks template. Nunjucks' include is an abstraction of render and provides some additional portability.

{% set context fromYourYamlFile %}
- or -
{% set context = { 
"component-type" : "container",
"logo" : "default",
"name" : "Service Name",
"description" : "A short description about this service's role and function",
"link" : "default",
{% include "../path_to/vf-banner-elixir/vf-banner-elixir.njk" %}

Using render

This approach is best for bare-bones Nunjucks environments, such as precompiled templates with the Nunjucks slim runtime where include is not be available.

{% render '@vf-banner-elixir', {
  "component-type" : "container",
  "logo" : "default",
  "name" : "Service Name",
  "description" : "A short description about this service's role and function",
  "link" : "default",}
<div class="vf-banner-elixir vf-banner" data-vf-js-banner-elixir data-vf-js-banner-elixir-logo="" data-vf-js-banner-elixir-name="Service Name" data-vf-js-banner-elixir-description="A short description about this service's role and function" data-vf-js-banner-elixir-link="default">
  <div class="vf-banner__content">
    <p class="vf-banner__text">default</p>
    <p class="vf-banner__text">Service Name</p>
    <p class="vf-banner__text">A short description about this service's role and function</p>
    <p class="vf-banner__text">default</p>


Installation info

This repository is distributed with [npm][]. After [installing npm][] and yarn, you can install vf-banner-elixir and the supporting vf-banner with this command.

$ yarn add --dev @visual-framework/vf-banner-elixir @visual-framework/vf-banner


You should import this component in ./components/vf-component-rollup/scripts.js or your other JS process:

import { vfBannerElixir } from 'vf-banner-elixir/vf-banner-elixir';
// Or import directly
// import { vfBannerElixir } from '../components/raw/vf-banner-elixir/vf-banner-elixir.js';
vfBannerElixir(); // if needed, invoke it


The style files included are written in Sass. If you're using a VF-core project, you can import it like this:

@import 'vf-banner/vf-banner.scss';
@import "@visual-framework/vf-banner-elixir/vf-banner-elixir.scss";

Make sure you import Sass requirements along with the modules. You can use a project boilerplate or the vf-sass-starter




  • removes redundant link in the Elixir logo


  • Initial version


File system location: components/vf-banner-elixir

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