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Here on the updates blog you can now expect to find what's new in each release of the Visual Framework components and tooling.

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15 Jul 2024: Rollup release 2.5.17

This release includes naming convention updates as well documentation updates for vf-heading, vf-text and page structure changes for design tokens. There are documentation updates for vf-list, vf-social-links, vf-link. It also includes fixes for build errors and primary to secondary colour change for vf-list examples.

17 May 2024: Rollup release 2.5.16

This release includes responsive support along with accessibility enhancements and documentation updates for vf-breadcrumbs. It also includes changes for deprecating vf-collapse and vf-explainer and changelog corrections for multiple components.

1 May 2024: Rollup release 2.5.15

This release includes React support for vf-hero along with new variant to vf-bookmark and fixes for lint errors/notices/warnings during build. It also includes bug fix for vf-dropdown; removal of empty pages; redirection to correct pages; link corrections; documentation update for vf-form and addition of missing descriptions to a few components. Moreover it includes some dependency updates and version corrections for a few packages.

9 Oct 2023: Rollup release 2.5.14

This release includes React & Angular support for vf-blockquote as package along with documentation update. Release also includes improvements to vf-back-to-top, Twitter logo update in vf-social-links components, updates to documentation of vf-breadcrumbs and vf-component-library.

10 May 2023: Rollup release 2.5.13

This release includes React support for vf-badge, Angular support for vf-button as package, Additional variant support for vf-banner, Angular syntax for vf-badge, vf-banner, vf-button and vf-hero. We've also fixed the changelog for vf-pagination to show correct versions.

21 Mar 2023: Rollup release 2.5.12

This release includes Angular support for vf-badge, vf-banner and vf-hero, we have also added 11ty support for v2. It also includes improvements in accessibility, usability, documentation of vf-card-container and updates to documentation of vf-link. We also addressed bug where all compononents changelog section was identical for each component on the site.

9 Feb 2023: Rollup release 2.5.10

This release includes improvements in accessibility, usability, functionality and documentation of several VF components including vf-section-header, vf-pagination, vf-button, vf-card-container, vf-bookmark, vf-search-client-side and ebi-header-footer. We also improved the consistency of VF components with the corresponding WordPress blocks and started addressing issues with the VF site.

24 Nov 2022: Rollup release 2.5.9

This release has a package of enhancements for vf-analytics-google and accessibility improvements for vf-dropdown, vf-tabs, vf-banner, vf-banner-elixir, vf-tree and vf-social-links.

9 Dec 2021: Rollup release 2.5.7

This release has a package of minor features, improvements and bug fixes for lists, tags and EBI-specific support for the "black bar".

29 Jul 2021: Rollup release 2.5.0

We're excited to release rollup version 2.5.0. It's our first stable rollup in two months and brings a level of maturation of existing components.

24 Jun 2021: Rollup release 2.5.0-beta.4

Beta 4 brings bug fixes and incorporates functional design tokens as we move forward towards a more visually and technically consistent 2.5.0 rollup release.

21 Jun 2021: Rollup release 2.5.0-beta.3

Beta 3 brings bug fixes and improvement to documentation and accessibility as we move forward towards a more visually and technically consistent 2.5.0 rollup release.

9 Jun 2021: Rollup release 2.5.0-beta.2

As we move forward towards a more visually and technically consistent 2.5.0 rollup release, beta 2 brings 16 component updates with bug fixes and minor improvements.

31 May 2021: Rollup release 2.5.0-beta.1

We're testing version 2.5 that will introduce more visual polish and increased consistency in naming and visual conventions to align with the forthcoming VF Design Kit.

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