Rollup release 2.5.0-beta.2

As we move forward towards a more visually and technically consistent 2.5.0 rollup release, beta 2 brings 16 component updates with bug fixes and minor improvements.

9 Jun 2021

In addition to a number of minor fixes, this rollup release introduces a first alpha version of the ELIXIR banner for the VF 2.

Read on for more.


vf-banner-elixir 1.0.0-alpha.1 npm git diff

Notable improvements

vf-content 1.5.6 npm git diff

vf-details 1.2.0 npm git diff

vf-card 2.5.7 npm git diff

vf-section-header 1.5.1 npm git diff

Bug fixes

vf-intro 1.5.0 npm git diff

vf-flag 1.0.0-alpha.2 npm git diff

vf-back-to-top 1.0.0-alpha.2 npm git diff

vf-component-generator 1.1.5 npm git diff

ebi-header-footer 2.1.0 npm git diff

embl-notifications 1.1.0 npm git diff

vf-banner 1.9.0 npm git diff

ebi-vf1-integration 1.0.7 npm git diff

vf-core 2.2.27 npm git diff

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